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Alambik Script User Guide

We have worked hard to make the Alambik Script User Guide as practical and useful as possible. Should you encounter any problems, please report them on the relevant forum of the official Alambik Club board:

GENERAL TOPICS/User Guide for general comments, questions…
BUG REPORT FORUM/User Guide To report a bug

Alternatively, you may contact us at the following email address:

Alambik Script Editor.

Should you have any questions about the Alambik Editor, we invite you to share them with other Alambik scripters on the official Alambik Club board:

GENERAL TOPICS/Editor for general comments, questions…
BUG REPORT FORUM/Editor to report a bug

To report a bug, please select [Help]>[Create bug report] to assist us in solving your problem. You need only fill out the bug report user information once. All information can be modified later.

Once the [User info] and [Bug info] forms have been completely filled out, select Copy to clipboard, then paste your bug report in an email to Alambik support.

From the Editor, select Save and/or Print your bug report. All bug reports should be emailed to:

Alambik Script®

Although Alambik® Script is a natural scripting language, you may end up sooner or later scratching your head, wondering what went wrong with your coding. Should this happen, by all means don't panic! Keep your cool, take a deep breath, and follow these easy steps:


The interpreter checks for syntax errors whenever you run a script.

If your script succeeds in being "interpreted," this means it's syntax error-free. Of course, being free of errors doesn't mean that your script can't be further optimized! The interpreter cannot check for runtime errors such as "file not found" or "out of array." Click here for a complete list of Error Messages.

If you need information to aid in your debugging, you can use the following instructions to display any strings or values in the output buffer of the editor.

text.debug ($string)
number.debug (%num)
number.debug (!float,"")

Share your work with others:

Another great way to improve your script is to share it with other Alambik scripters. The Alambik community exchanges scripts (and other info) on the official Alambik Club board, as well as on many unofficial boards opening throughout the world (in the USA, Turkey, etc).

Here's a breakdown of the official Alambik Club board's main topics:


General Discussion : A general chat about Alambik .
Alambik help : Tips and tricks, help with Alambik Editor interface, Alambik Script Syntax, and scripting conventions
Feature requests : Here users can recommend new features.
Site check : Submit your work to other Alambik scripters… for constructive criticism.
Tutorial requests : Here you can post your ideas for tutorial requests.


To report bugs in the Alambik products. Please post your report or question in the relevant box.

Sound system
2d engine
3d engine

Alternatively, you may send your question directly to: Alambik customer services. User script submissions.