You have the choice

Alambik Script gives you the freedom to create programs executable over the Internet or locally.

Running scripts locally and online

The only limitations to your creativity are determined by the processor speed, video card, and memory of your local computer.
Some video modes are not supported by certain video cards.

Although standard video modes such as 320x240, 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 are widely supported, other less common modes like 320x200, 512x384, 1280x960 may not work on all systems.

Running scripts locally

All Alambik scripts are directly executable by a simple single or double-click of the mouse (according to your system configuration).

Script (.tv) files can be read by any text editor. There are no limits concerning AVOs.

When running a script locally, the user is no longer dependent on the existence of an Internet connection or the availability of a server to use your product.

Better yet, load time is considerably reduced when scripts are run locally. This means less wait for the end user.

Drawbacks :

If a project creator updates his or her script file, the end user must download it again in order to benefit from the updates.

If the Alambik viewer needs to be updated in order to open a script (if, for example, a script is written in Alambik 1.05 but the end user only has Viewer version 1.03 installed), local use does not allow for automatic updating.

This problem is avoided during online use, during which the Viewer can update itself automatically if the scripter has correctly used the HTML EMBED instructions.

Running scripts online

If your script is intended to be run online, it's a good idea to keep certain considerations in mind. Most importantly, although the speed of the Net is getting faster every day, many users are still accessing it using VERY slow connections.

Alambik Script 4.0 has been optimized with great care to let you maximize your creativity while minimizing the bandwidth required. We strongly suggest, however, that you optimize all AVOs (gif,jpg,png,xm,mp3) you use with your scripts in order to keep line use down to a minimum.

Running scripts online lets you:

1 - Automatically stream any OGG (Ogg Vorbis file format is a smaller file size, has a higher quality of sound clarity, and is FREE) or MP3 file;
2 - Download your AVOs before or during script execution;
3 - Compress your files to reduce total size.

Warning: browsers normally cache only non-streamed data. Thus a streamed file like an OGG or MP3 must be re-sent each time.

It's very simple to create the tags required to display a script in a browser.

To add OBJECT and EMBED tags

Copy the HTML code below and paste it into your HTML.

<OBJECT id=AlambikViewer classid="CLSID:F9F3920B-2F24-437A-A224-D49F0004A172" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="240" codebase="http://www.net-viewer.com/dls/AutoInstall.exe#version=1,0,5,0"><PARAM NAME=SRC value=myalambikscript.tvs><PARAM NAME=backcolor value="#000000"><PARAM NAME=LOGO value=0><embed src="script.tvs" logo=0 WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="240" backcolor="#000000"></embed></object>

Edit the attributes of the tags for the script.

WIDTH - Specifies the width of the script in either pixels.
HEIGHT - Specifies the height of the movie in either pixels.
SRC - Specifies the location (URL) of the Script to be loaded. EMBED only.
CLASSID - Identifies the ActiveX control for the browser. OBJECT only.
CODEBASE - Identifies the location of the Alambik Script viewer so that the browser can automatically download it if it is not already installed. OBJECT only.
BGCOLOR - (#RRGGBB, hexadecimal RGB value) Specifies the background color of the script during loading. This attribute does not affect the background color of the HTML page.

Change "myalambikscript" where it appears in the OBJECT and EMBED tags to the name of script to be played, could be any tv,tvs or tvd file.

The OBJECT tag is for Internet Explorer 3.0 or later on Windows platforms or any browser that supports the use of the ActiveX control. The "classid" and "codebase" must appear exactly as it does in this example.The "Codebase" tells the browser where to find Alambik Script Viewer for automatic download. Internet Explorer 3.0 or later on Windows platforms will prompt the user with a dialog asking if they would like to auto-install the Alambik Script Viewer if it's not already installed or not up to date. This process can occur without the user having to restart the browser.

The EMBED tag is for Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later, or browsers that support the use of the Netscape-compatible plugin version of Alambik Script viewer. The user would then need to download and run the installer and restart their browser at http://www.net-viewer.com.

To ensure that the most browsers will play your Script, you should place the EMBED tag nested within the OBJECT tag as shown in the above example. ActiveX-enabled browsers will "ignore" the EMBED tag inside the OBJECT tag. Netscape and Microsoft browsers using the Alambik Web Plugin will not recognize the OBJECT tag and will read only the EMBED tag.