What is Alambik ?

Rich media

Alambik technology places interactive multicontent media or rich media right within your grasp. The heart of Alambik is MCNL (Multi Content Natural Language, also known as Alambik Script), a revolutionary scripting language that is to electronic interactive audiovisual publishing what HTML is to electronic interactive press publishing.

Similar in use to HTML, MCNL combines a complete set of text-based programming instructions with a wide collection of text-based audiovisual commands (video, audio, 3D, 2D, etc.). These two worlds, once distinct, are united synergistically under Alambik within a simple, uniform programming environment that functions in real-time.

Alambik technology is simple and coherent, fast, secure, open, modular, and scaled to evolve. It gives you the opportunity to distribute your audiovisual productions to multiple platforms and over different kinds of networks, without the need to rewrite or port your project.

But don't take our word for it! See for yourself at http://www.the-demo.com, the website with nearly 200 original Alambik Script examples, each one with full source code access. A right click on any of these examples will unveil a contextual menu with options similar to those in HTML ("view source" "save as," etc.)

Alambik Script was developed over the last ten years to serve leading segments of the audiovisual industry. Only recently has it been introduced to the Internet, thanks to a port of its real-time parser/interpreter to the Windows™ operating system.

To learn more about Alambik Ltd, Alambik's technology, or the Alambik software suite, please visit http://www.alambik.com.